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Black of don't gram the car be quickly driven the Yan city superhighway up, car window drive deep color car window film to stick of strict actually solid, let people basically can not see clearly the small scaled world of inside.
The leaf floats to sink and Mo Yan Zuo is lining up, two human face colors are serious, occasionally say a words, also have no to deeply talk of meaning.Majority of time are lookinging at the scenery of both sides, not know is just thinking what.
Leaf's tiger is a pilot, also the only bodyguard of this car.
He didn't leave old house in leaf's house last night and in early morning had today don't gram the car drive into leaf's house, is like the guest who comes to visit.Half after hour, don't gram the car drove to go out.
But the person in the car has already changed and arranged a good leaf's house Di to fasten to get off, the leaf floats to sink, Mo Yan, leaf's tiger 3 people ascend this don't gram car, then toward Su Hang territory the ground rush through to come over
He not know the legendary figure leaf's spare time of leaf's house at this time just at Su Hang, also not knows two uncles of leaving one step in the Yan cities to never how can and suddenly want Su Hang, but he knows, teacher his old man's house at Su Hang, oneself can rush through to come over to remit to match with him is a very happy piece matter.
He in fact really thinks open mouth to give a smile, but from saw in mirror and saw two elders all plank behind Zhang Lian, he didn't dare as well break into laughter.And hear that the elders all like a steady heavy careful good kid, oneself so consumedly of silly smile, can't make them have one the not good impression?
Calculate, I endured.
Pitiful leaf's tiger basically can't act in a play, the mood dulcifies of time, don't want to pretend from already basically the Hao is inattentive, make a pretense of oneself is also the appearance that achieves wisdom Gao Ren, a black face then funny pole.Often steal to smile for a while.Then again hurriedly ground the Ning has a face, the tiger eyes brightly shiningly stare at the situation on road of front.Just on ground of face muscle ever and anon have muscular spasms for a while.
"It is alas."The leaf floats to sink nature to give° the some idea of leaf's tiger to see a ground of very clear and slightly shook to shake head.Say:"Leaf's tiger, in the violet squad still foolish habit?"
"Habit.Become accustomed to too much.Two uncles.You don't know.I feel that next superiors of whole day all arrived violet squad.Those guy one compare 1 to fight badly.One compares an abnormal condition.After I went to challenge to them.Won 3.Still have a quite a few individual is beat however ground"a speak of this.Leaf's tiger is then surging don't cut off.
Suddenly think of oneself to have to be steady heavy.Have to be mature.Hurriedly topic a turn.Say:"However.All of majority of time are teammates to seek me to learn by exchanging views.This is also captain ground meaning.He can raise in the in a short time for the sake of me.Face to walk to order for a ground of time.Let violet squad ground the member without a break challenge me every day.Although is a bit tired.But captain center of earth idea I am understand.Sweat more at ordinary times.The wartime bleeds more be not.The wartime doesn't bleed.Ha ha"
Leaf's tiger this words are pure is a leave bye.The autumn of the leaf to after leaf's tiger arrive at violet squad crary challenge member of team ground matter is headache not already.And.Everyone basically doesn't give this as well overbearingly the guy the some face.Give° him to beat each time a ground of with cuts and bruises all over.
As for say that oneself faces to walk to order violet squad for a ground of time ground the member learns by exchanging views with him.It is also absurdity.The autumn of the leaf faces to walk leaf's tiger to still lie on the medical bed for a ground of time.He will let violet squad ground do the member of team challenge to a sick personnel?
Leaf's tiger is like fish let into water in the violet squad now.As Wu Chi Di there is a dozen every day.And the other party ground the artistic skill is not under oneself.Much time basically can't win victory by himself/herself.This compare he is in the place of troops one Lan many mountain the small solitude beg to hurt a ground of felling to stimulate many.
"You not only only want to learn ground to protect a life effort.There is also behaviour and manner in dealing with others ground philosophy.You ground captain leaf the autumn is nicely a teacher.You want to much become intimate with with him to be some.Want to seek quasi- oneself ground fixed position.

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