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Certainly, the back is discussed by person and insult and humiliate is an essential to have.Can these to leaf autumn to say and have what influence?
These several days leaf the autumn have been all being seeing the leaf family who rushes through to come over from the whole whole country, have Di fasten an another province exhibition of, there is also leaf's house collateral branch.All of these people are what leaves' tigers and leaf return in triumph, leaf dye 3 people to help to contact to come overs.
Is similar to what the external world passes on a message, leaf's house is a collectively degenerative generation.In addition to the leaf returns in triumph with then what leaf dyed can let the leaf has the felling to pick up a treasure for autumn, the other rushes through to come over of the person is mostly the property of the doctrine of the mean.However good at compared with the leaf's house sons of capital city, many an attempt.
Also is exactly to there is this attempt, the leaf autumn decides to give° them to stay.
The general situation view that the leaf returns in triumph whets sword for 30 years best and finally had the opportunity to explode today.The autumn of the leaf is the outer circle industry that regroups leaf's house for his task, and produces the stock that controls in oneself's hand power and mineral to also all hand over to him to deal with.
The leaf dyes to resign from Citibank Asian area letter loan manager Bu's Gao Wei Shang, the leaf autumn gave him ten hundred million funds and let her freely invested.
These money one part is at the beginning blackmail Tang Bu Yi to get, another a part is the income of mineral and stock.The autumn of the leaf at the beginning that huge gambling, what to win is the resources of the all superior quality.With the day come into the Dou gold to describe also not for lead.
"The egg doesn't want to put in the same and blue son, I prepare to make use of the funds in the hand to do an investment company, and this company is mainly responsible for domestic investment business.Can choose a short line operation and long the line operates 2 kinds.The short line operation is to purchase a potential stock and buy low Gao Mai and win benefit with this.Certainly, this just a kinds in it.As long as holding funds in hand, can the way making money have results to show 100 up to thousand."
"But the long line operation is to carry on noting property or potential profession to carry on procuring to the high-quality business enterprise, again or carry on activating a reorganization to some companies that will soon go bankrupt, then change hull to become available in the market.The investment limit of this a cake of is higher, the funds return to expect long, but the income is also opposite to want to be high much.And the long line operates of the income is permanent, don't seem to be short line to operate that sort to be just one time business."
"Moreover, I suggest in the overseas to establish a private fund.This fund controls a person, I already someone, is I the teacher while practicing in Wall Street.He is an operation superior, just because have got the region of underworld, so have been being threatenned now.If we can provide a safe protection for him, I want to probably please out his help.I late some meetings pass his data you, you can see whether Be worth employing."
The leaf dyes to sit autumn opposite at the leaf, part the data in the hand a pass an autumn to the leaf, simultaneously explain.
The autumn of the leaf will kill people, but can't make money.The word that hears those profession, feels that the heads are all some big.
Does this have versatile in all arts in the world?Have no.
Those novel inside astronomy geography is omniscient to have no not Xiao of omnipotent male the leading role can not find in the reality.
The autumn of the leaf will kill people, meeting motorcycle racing and the perusal 《yin and yang Shu 》 , can also use a ring to enough read the other people's memory sea.But, he can't eight foreign languages, not understand a high political game, can't economics and philosophy, not understand building and adornment art.
So, leaf autumn can be regarded as an individual just.
Is really leaf's house to unexpectedly still have such a woman with outstanding ability, the leaf dyes of the investment natural endowments let some professionals also verily marvel.Hand over 1,000,000,000 China currencies to the her hand, leaf autumn still very have confidence to make money.
Is more important, leaf's dying is still a big beauty.
She is leaf's tiger six uncle leaf's cloud blue and little daughter, should be regarded as own cousin?
The autumn of the leaf puts a hand and says with a smile:"Cousin, you need not give me the explanation of so clear.In this aspect, you have to compare me more of profession.I now that hand over this fee for writing gold to the your hand,

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