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The autumn of the leaf is what things unclear, feel that oneself held tight some.
Just, the all these needs to be proven with time and energy.
The system defense system gets stripe to complete, after sending to walk purple 3 people of river Yan, the leaf autumn starts carrying out to leaf's tiger he or she creates for he measuring a body of specially do.
Is this set of to do a way completely is carry on according to the step for leaf's spare time to do he or she in past, just do some changes of strength and indirect times in the Xun l.Otherwise, even if with the physical endowment of leaf's tiger, afraid is also accept to can not stand this set of call it for doing of"the devil plans" project.
With the physical endowment of leaf autumn abnormal condition and lead the person's speed, is accepting in the process that this project does and all getting hurt for many times.Once even collapsed and fainted three days and three nights but have already done not come to, but give°ed two Yas to be frightened to death.
Close him in room in doing of a secret room, let he by himself at in flick sweat like rain.The autumn of the leaf beat a voice for camel to receive and signaled hint he every 3 minutes through a Liao hope a people's observation for a while inside of circumstance, 15 behind want to hurriedly open to seal completely room, leaf tiger from in lift out.This just drives to arrive to Ran the company doorway winter night.
Beats to call words before winter night of Ran, lets the leaf accompany her to call on Zhao Shuang's bosom at the hospital together for autumn.
Zhao Shuang's bosom now already the hospital transfer inside in the private hospital of Zhao Jia subordinate business enterprise from the blue sky area, here of guard to compare those to public hospital have to be strictly many, so also need not be worried about the Ran winter night will drive to the circumstance for blocking up.
Zhao Jia's persons all know that the Ran is the friend of best Zhao Shuang's bosom winter night, see Ran come over winter night, it enthusiasm that is very to express all.
The mother whom Zhao Shuang keeps in mind pulls Ran the hand winter night, mean to say what, but eyes Pie to lie on the bed don't say not to smile is like the daughter of a wood person, eye a hot, the tears flowed out.
Is all generally big kid, Ran winter night Jian the station of the healthy Kang is in the in front, but own daughter became this appearance, doing the mother's mood could think to know.
Zhao Shuang's bosom has been awake, in addition to the kid doesn't know be bumped by the car to still fall down to cause to have a miscarriage on the ground, other places didn't be subjected to what seriously hurt.
Just her mental wound but very severity.After drinking to come over know own kid have no, remain like this and don't say not a facial expression of smiling the stagnant numbness.Whether the other people advised a solution thus or not, she didn't say a words.Just foolishly sit where, look in the eyes empty fan Mang, the person of flank looking at to all feel touching to suppress.
"Winter son advises a pair of bosoms for us.Please.I accompanied to say here for a day, words, can she is a don't utter.I and her daddies is all quickly urgently bad."Zhao Mu holds Ran the hand winter night, weep over to entreat.
The mother worries for oneself's end being born of baby for own daughter worrying, daughter but at.Because the world has the greatest mother's love, then the life can living an interest not.
"Aunt, you don't want to worry.I will advise hers well.The double keeps in mind this appearance, I am also very sad."Ran Dong Ye answers to say, her eyes are getting reder.
After waiting until Zhao Mu to leave, the Ran sits the bedside that keeps in mind at Zhao Shuang winter night, holds her hands in own hand and in a soft voice says:"Double bosom, don't so, not very good?I know your in the mind was sad, but was already in the past past.You are still so young, there is also a baby of Xin, a Chinese family name.At that time, we again well painful cherished him, not very good?"
"You are the person who does a mother, so you can realize pain and sufferings of losing the baby.But you are still Bo Bai Mu's daughter, you are this appearance, she is used as a mother, exactly will have much painful do you know?Her current mood is similar to you.You hope to see uncle's aunt, do they continue to keep on worrying?"
Zhao Shuang keeps in mind to change countenance for it, the eyelash blinked to blink, in eye have the big the drop of tear of the big get down the drop fall.
See her finally cry out, the leaf autumn on the contrary feels that the in the mind loosenned tone.
"I let several ways down, I his kid the lane had no.I am sorry heThe ‐‐‐‐My kid had no.Winter son, you say I how do just good?"Zhao Shuang rushes toward bosom into Ran the bosom winter night and cried to faint a sky secretly.

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