Chapter 09 bottomless pit

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This enough!
This chaotic wants to kill a person every day!Each person is all important in the he or she's close relatives' eyes, have no who compare who spoiled.Is Gao Gao in last lord in the door and believe in a lord, placard strong in sky, say that the dead also dies!
This is the chaotic!
Teng cloud Long You understanding like this, so, many women in past Teng house Chuang are captured by Ma Ze's gang to go, but can endure!
Teng any always has understanding like this, so, he followed person's horse of green lake island to walk!
The Teng green mountain contains understanding like this, so, the green lake island is killed, Teng green mountain also can hold a long gun in hand, with enemy a war.
The Yu emperor's treasure hides!
This is to make the individual stronger, let the religious sect become stronger treasure to hide.Is beyond all doubt ……once the news gets abroad, a bloody storm, then will be brought about!Will die equally a lot of many people!

Chapter 09 bottomless pit
A flock of non-commissioned officer that wears to emphasize A, transfers under guard nine hunters to run about be greatly postponing inside the mountain, a group of persons once walked, it got up some accumulated snow tremors of thorn miscellaneous grass, but fall in.
Faraway place the Hao interjection that occasionally spread a few wild wolves.
"Those beasts can all meet with calamity."The Teng Xiang always says with a smile, Teng any hand always hold iron gun to also smile to attach and, can heart bottom but is calculating:"Before, the hunters collect, this green lake island fully caught 180 hunters.Each Chuang son grasps three, about grasped 60 Chuang sons!Now, nine hunters and 50 silver Jiao soldier non-commissioned officerses are a squad, also 20 squads."
At the moment, be greatly postponing inside the mountain, this 20 squads are scattering to look for.
Not only list they, there are also several thousand silver Jiao soldier non-commissioned officers, 35 an artificial squads asunder are greatly postponing to look for inside the mountain.What then this greatly postpones the mountain compares of the flame mountain want to be greatly up a lot of.If have no native son to do a guide, the blind person similarly seeks.Don't know and find out when.
"50 non-commissioned officers that wear to weigh A transfer under guard nine hunters.Is to escape very difficult!"Teng any always wonders.
"You are nine, just said of'bottomless pit', also have how far?"These 50 silver Jiao soldier non-commissioned officers is the body figure of head,such as the strong man of black bear, to impatiently drink a way.
Nine hunters, six hunters of other Chuang sons certainly look forward by hunter, Ma Shou, from Chuang in Teng house.
"Adult.Bottomless pit in"the Teng green Hao connects to say, ", is apart from us this, along hill path, probably still have 20 many inside ground.Before evening, affirmation can arrive to."This Tashan inside, at 2:00 straightly be apart from possibility very near, but the hill path is rugged, there is occasionally also canyon the etc., truely walk, round road fierce.
"You severals all hurry, don't drag and pull."
This black bear strong man drinks to scold a , then continue to go forward.
"Green Hao brothers, the person of green lake island can't kill us?"The hunter of other Chuang sons closes to Teng green Hao and in whisper says.
"See one-step to walk one step."Also the Teng green Hao low voice says.
Teng always any but recall, previous 180 hunterses come together together, drive green island in the lake island lord'thou Yong'inquire of scene:"That green lord in island in the lake island asked us first to have to once see ancient and large palace in Tashan?We all said to don't see.He asks again later on, once discovered which lead to the cave of the underground, deep pond etc. ……"
"Obviously, the green lake island is looking for a certain ancient old palace!But this thou old palace, should be greatly postponing mountainous country bottom!"
Teng any is always very easy and then calculates.
"Greatly postpone mountainous country bottom, there is ancient old palace?"Teng any always wants and all dares not believes.
Greatly postpone mountain deep place, the open spaces place by the side of a small river, there is a great deal of army camp stationing here.
Inside the some big debt.
13 inborns strongs all sit on the chair.

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