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This old man although the person is fat get.But the house inside the whole body fix for very get consummate.If fight force with force words.The small white knows that oneself is very difficult to is that he gets opponent.
But.More like this get opponent to more come to stimulate small white to inside get guts.
Small white again the body Be ex- to rush toward.Don't know on the hand when have been many two chase three the Leng gold color steel fork.That steel fork must shine in glory in the moonlight under send forth a Sen cold get ray of light.
Connect blessing one Leng.Basically didn't see a clear his hand an inside is how to appear these two weapons.
Looking at that flickering give out light triangle steel fork.Connect the blessing feels that oneself's life has to fear to the gold color for the first time of heart.
Small white one fork picks to connect blessing Bo neck.Connect blessing to repeatedly retreat.Just touched to open a his left hand fork must attackstone.But he get right hand fork and flicked to come over.This time attack the place isn't a neck.But is that he bulges belly.
Connect blessing to frightened.This young man get the speed is also too quick.
Seeming not only the person is long ground of beautiful.Or some true materials actually anticipate.
It is regrettable.Do you think that this is that did I get flaw?
Connecting the blessing is to shrink meat absolute being achievement get.Inhaled.Is just still convex since next hang big belly lightning flash the sort accepted to return to backward.That full belly fatty intestine unexpectedly drive he by himself to conceal.
Small white a shot down to get empty.The slightest have no surprised get facial expression.Again flicked fork to stab pass by.
The double fork keeps a sting.Being the most simple and direct and sharp must attackstone a way.The recruit type is very common.But if can keep enough speed get words.Result in the ground kill to harm dint is also very and astonishing to get.
Many superiors be drive he one sting under.Opened two holes on the belly or the chest.
"Boy.Seek dead."Connect blessing have never thought this looks to show delicate spirit male kid's making moves will be so malicious hot.Not is want to mow person's throat.Be want to tie person's belly.Put clear is at and he this old headman play a life.
The mire bodhisattva will have three cents the quick temper.Is much less he is also regarded as Su Hang to have a number superior.It be forced to back in a row by the small white.It is also quick temper.
Being fat to get body to disappear is swollen.On the contrary vivid pole.It is like a social dance sort.The body retreats an one step.Then in the small white a shot down empty after.The double Zhang 抰 took information to split to pass by.
He wants to give° this boy to clap into meat patty.
The small white double fork is 1.Then will connect blessing the palm is blocking an outside at the safe area.There is weapon in the hand.Be want to take advantage of to be some.Even if connect blessing to oneself get palm again have confidence.Also have no a courage to clap to small white those two gold forks in the hand.
"Small white?How?I can soon solve opponent."The autumn of the leaf roars with laughter ground to ask a way over there.
It is definite.The autumn of the leaf is really that a dozen of grounds are too easy.
Although this old man artistic skill is quite good.But the real strenght is far and not nearly greedy for wolf.And because of him before get an attitude is bad too much.The autumn of the leaf basically didn't show consideration noodles for him satisfied think.
2 people suddenly one contact.The autumn of the leaf is used opponent to basically fall behind the speed stired up him in a row three box on the ears.
Connect Anne to annoy throw up blood.
If not that still being fighting is in the middle.All think the Wu wears a face to squat down on the ground and cry bitterly in a short while.
**Nakedly humiliate.
Connect Anne to bellow 1.A Zhang claps to want to slap him on the face the back of the hand again to the leaf autumn.
The autumn of the leaf sneers at 1.Gets downs a to press.Then the again miraculous sort must appear at connect Anne in front.
Again is a record loud and clear get box on the ear.Connect an old faces of Annes all drive he to beat swollen.
"Beat you next time right face."The autumn of the leaf says with a smile.
Connect to have peace of mind inside very anxious to be cut to pieces this boy.But the other party get the speed is too quick.He basically can't keep up with.
Is more hateful to get BE.This guy puts clear is bullying him.Before recruits each time.He will tell himself/herself first.Is foolish meeting the son will beat oneself to there get a face.After waiting until his to recruit.Still doing not beat there a ground face can not.He that hands is to appear and disappear mysteriously.

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