The power is endless

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Between this a short moment.Connect or so both sides ground of Anne faces all be respectively stired up many times by him.Connect Anne and just discover that oneself is before what to underestimate enemy till now.This looks little bits all can't effort ground the guy is a superior.And the artistic skill is very abnormal condition.
This time fear is both the elder brothers all be planting into.The young master exactly asks for is what deicide?
The small white has no way and leaf autumn to communicate a work progress circumstance.But in hand get steel fork but is dance airtight no air goes through.Relentless must kill to recruit immediately after a to recruit.Being continuous isn't unique.Letting to connect blessing continuously must retreat.Don't can start to organize a beneficial must counterattack.
As long as was controled by the small white to fight rhythm.So.This combat get the result have already been targeted.
Small white is naturally get cutthroat.That piles up one after another the homicidal means even if is leaf autumn to also feel that the skin of head becomes numb.
"Eldest brother."Connect Anne to loudly shout a way.
"It is understand."Connect blessing to answer a way.
Clapped two Zhangs fiercely and forward.Then connect blessing body suddenly to connect anna side the disease flee.
Want to remit to match?
Is small white body front blunt.In hand get the steel fork lightning flash sort row.
Feels together golden color ray of light a flash across.Connecting the blessing must carry on the back behind have already been rowed by him a long grow a people's son.
Hear a cloth and**broken get voice.It is fresh bloody.
Even if the body suffers from severely wounded.Connect the blessing still bites a tooth to three younger brother there blunt past.
2 people don't cooperate again words.Afraid is some cure of successes all have no.
The autumn of the leaf originally has an opportunity to impede to connect blessing to come over.After all.His in front must connect where the his hand inside basically didn't ward off of dint.
But the in the mind is some oddness.All till this time.Why do two of them want to remit to match?
Think like this.The autumn of the leaf not only only didn't obstruct.On the contrary stepped aside a crevice.
At leaf autumn get especially under the idea arrangement.Finally the these two difficult younger brothers to difficult elder brother back depends back ground the station was together.
"Eldest brother.How are you?"Connects Anne to see connect the blessing got hurt.The misgiving ground asks a way.
"I am all right.What about you?"
"I am also free."He can tell he to get eldest brother.Oneself's getting a face is beaten swollen?
This boy is true poison.Hit persons.Still make the victim be disgraced to tell others.
The autumn of the leaf and small white a pair person's pouring is light loose at random appearance.Leaf autumn the Tong Tong Be small white to get shoulder.Say with a smile:"You guess their preparation dry what?"
The small white didn't talk.But is in hand get gold color the triangle steel fork cross combine together.
"Ha ha.It is quite good.Think similarly with me.Thus isn't the meeting very interesting?"The autumn of the leaf smilingly says.
The small white is one Leng.Then also awkward and shy must smile to get up.
BE get.The autumn of the leaf and small white guess right.Connect blessing and connect Anne of so so try very hard to think depend arrive together.Be must match shot Shu for the sake of displaying them.
In China several thousand years get martial arts history up.Match the Shu of shot many see.Like Shaolin Temple gets 18 copper person.The force is seven star sword and lost hundred years get three just etc..
Match minimal 2 people of the Shu of shot.Is many reach to ten several people several people is even.The force is seven star sword is 7 people.Get position cloth according to the Great Dipper to lead.But little wood 18 copper person then 18 copper persons constitute.These people are original the real strenght isn't vulgar.As soon as the set is after.The real strenght then presents several what multiple increase to rise.
It is said that the generation respected master Zhang Zhen Bei of Wu Xue goes down south Su Hang.Suddenly fall sick.Connect master son in the house to use one rare old three saved him one life.For recompensing to connect a house to save the boon of life.Zhang Zhen Bei gets oneself a set of Shu that match shot passed to connect master son four near body bodyguards.Those four people are also now get blessing, life, Anne and Kang.
This matches shot Shu to be named'four Huangs'.An artificial lord.Three artificial assist.4 people team.The power is endless.
It is regrettable.Even the master son finally has no willing to give up 1 time must oneself all get old origin all take to come in.Just send connect blessing and connect 2 Annes come out.Otherwise.The autumn of the leaf and small white afraid be expending some kind of hand and feet.

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