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Yangtze River is since then billowing.The autumn of the leaf even lost to resist of energy.
This time.The autumn of the leaf in a row retreat quite a few step just come to a stop.Xu power good two heavy strength the son didn't in time send out.Converse but return again.Almost leaf autumn to suppress of internal injury.This is also two heavy strength with three heavy strength son of anti- bite ability.
The attack of small white also announces to end up in nothing.The integration connects the blessing get entangled in fighting together.
What is the row son?
Connect Anne isn't likely to have so big strength.This is from the leaf autumn in the beginning with his list beat Dou only of time sound out.
If he is really so severe.Oneself can is the puppet to him Be played with to center of palm of hand?
So.Are these energies how to comes?
The autumn of the leaf stares at to connect blessing with small white of get entangled in fighting.Have one the silk the bright flash across in brain.But just turn an eye namely die.Leaf autumn can helplessly looking at its disappearance.
Meeting why so?He didn't so strongly annoy.Seemed to use the other people's energy-----Lend dint?
The heart of leaf autumn arouses to move a while.Eyes brightly shiningly stare at to connect the combat of blessing and small white.
The hard nut to crack that have been perplexing in his brain became clear suddenly a while.
That's right.They are borrowing dint.
The time sounded out for the first time .He and small white at the same time what to use is heavy boxing.So.2 people's strength has no way dispersion.Can respectively oppose.But in this process.2 people are backs to depend to carry on the back but stand.So.While making moves.2 people's body squeezes fiercely and backward.Then again front blunt.Many the dint of a rebound.So.2 people are small to smallly eat a Kui this time.
The time sounded out for the second time .The autumn of the leaf prepares to be not enough.Just used dint inside 60% to use two heavy strength son.Who know that the small white learned cleverness this time.No longer use fist and others hard bump.But is go to fork with the steel fork they.By so doing.Connecting the blessing nature will avoid fighting force with force with small white.Getting entangled in fighting with him was some kind of and then became.But the energy in the his body.After completely canning pass then carry on the back to ask for help of to connect Anne.
This is also connect Anne of inside the strength son increase a while 200% even several reason.
Matching the Shu of shot is thus of mysterious.If you can not peep to break Xuan machines in it.Under possible the Zhang that can die a tragic death at them.But this son is mysterious to speak of come simple.To is what everybody can see out in the in a short time again?Is still less in the process of arousing a war?
Ye Qiu knows.If oneself cans not see clearly this to recruit.So may grow stronger with the defeat.Also more and more make to devote major efforts to annoy to attackstone.If get into vicious cycle like that.Afraid is result to oneself disadvantageous.
Just.Are they how to make use of to carry on the back to spread dint behinds?
This wants to necessarily is a to extremely learn.It is also their this set of core contents that matches shot Shu.
But leaf the autumn know.Afraid is this answer can't know forever by himself/herself.They will elapse in the this river's breeze.
"Small white."The autumn of the leaf suddenly shouts a way.
Voice export.Just returned and others the Dou ground is loath to part from each other a ground of small white have already appeared at leaf the autumn is nearby.The body form is quickly like demon.
This lets to connect blessing connect Anne's two discomforts of old man in the minds again deepened penny.List's beating isn't an opponent.Have never once had of match shot Shu don't can take down they as well.
What person are they exactly?
It is young.How can have thus the whole body terror fixs for?
Young master.You really harm a bitterness we.
The autumn of the leaf looking at small white.Say:"I have already seen understand they this set of mysterious place that matches shot Shu.Now.It should be our turn to make moves.Seeing them can see out."
The small white nods.Take concussion on the face.
Her in hopes of one day will use this strategies together with leaf autumn.Unexpectedly will come so quickly on this day.
This time.The position that 2 people stand no longer at will.
But is a small white fore.Leaf autumn's rear in small white 45 degrees Cape.The 2 people's facial expression is icy cold.Seem what to do is a very serious matter now general.

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