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The autumn of the leaf looking at a back to depend back but stands connect blessing connect Anne.Say:"I know that you affirm to want to use a set of strategies.I give you this displays opportunity.Just we also a set of 2 people match the Shu of Shu.It isn't equal to.We everywhere this?"
Be named four Huangs.The nature is the match that needs four people to just go.
With the idea that connects blessing to connect Anne.Think that a dry matter is to want to beat amount of company with leaf autumn most now:Brothers.You see.We of the hand didn't arrive together.Do you see to make us seek two assistants again to come over?
But their understanding this hope is completely at sea.Encountering the possibility of brush-off is tremendous.Have to drown this kind of innocent viewpoint in the belly.Even if and so.Two people can stand together.Their in the minds also had many bottom spirit.
Just two while fighting respectively people.That absolutely isn't the day that the person leads.
Humiliated so a person?
Four Huangs is also really a to extremely learn.Be called'4 people cooperate.Is without equal in strength'of extremely recruit.
And these four Huangs can also turn into the small scaled match of two human lives.This proved the special place of four Huangs more.Is like force to be of seven star sword and little wood of 18 Luo man.If was in need of hand.It is a very difficult hair to move.
The gentleman disappears some television movies inside.As long as have the Luo man whom the little wood sends the drama.It is all more than ten bare-headeds to together appear.If Wu Dang Pai of seven star sword appear.It are also a flock of big masters of green Shan battle sword to are alongside of to come out.
So even the master son has no willing to give up clap out four blessing to all support a grandson.He thinks with borrow to connect blessing and connect cooperating of Anne can defeat the whole opponents.
Just.The autumn of the leaf and small white once learned as well a set of match the Shu of the shot.
This set of name that matches the Shu of shot is called'the fan cut'.Is leaf's spare time don't know where to get of achievement table.Say with the words of old headman to is this achievement table to measure what body create for small white.Small white a person can't match shot.Hence the leaf autumn then became the role that spreads to help.
Yes.The fan cuts is take small white as eye.The autumn of the leaf for assist.Attack of time .It is also a small white to offend for lord.The autumn of the leaf offends for time.Certainly.When the lord offends to meet an obstacle.The autumn of the leaf will undertake the task that offends since the lord.Otherwise two people will doom together.
It has been 56 years since this set of Shu that match shot learnsed.But 2 people never opportunity is opposing time to once use.On the other hand goes because the academic association small white follows behind Long Nyu after.And leaf the autumn also go out to visit to leave.Until the year ago arrived at a Yan city.Moreover and on the other hand.They have never met as well to force the strong opponent that their use matches shot Shu.
Just connect Anne loudly receive connect blessing.Connect blessing and rather endure to let the appearance that the small white uniform knife also wants to run to come over let a leaf heart to have to move for autumn.The knowing them may have what pair extremely recruiting of the dozen.Hence then and intentionally peeped out a flaw.Prepare to present to public to do a time of fan to cut with small white a pair in their body.
Connect blessing and connect Anne's four Huangs still what to adopt is a back near the way of back.After all.They can't four brotherses together go to battle.Can be each to guard two squares.But leaf the autumn and small white pour is at will but stand.Since the directions saw.Basically Be different from is have what match shot Shu of appearance.
"You get ready?"The autumn of the leaf smilingly asks a way.Thanks to these two old headmans.It was in the article of death to before still do to return to thunder Feng.
"You come to be subjected to dead."Connecting Anne is cold face.Loudly threaten.
Can there is an opportunity using four Huangs.Let his confidence greatly increase.And look opponent to also be different from is have what match shot Shu of appearance.The Tai of his crazy Ao then again the time released.The continuously that just was subjected to a leaf for autumn folds Ru.The in the mind is very anxious to will it the ground corpse is 10000.Think that a matter that do is to kill its shot under the Zhang most now.
"Ha ha.That we can attackstone.You had better display with all strength.Otherwise.Can have no opportunity any further."The autumn of the leaf and small white beat a look in the eyes.2 people's combat tacit understanding has already formed in the pimping time.

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